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Product details


1.Wire stripping length,stripping length,directly by the touch screen that can be input directly to intuitive see data set. 
2.Terminal pressure and wire location input data can be directly by the touch screen before and after adjustment, make more accurate pressure welding position,reduce the machine time. 
3.Buffet with flux,wetting and wetting time automatically, wear waterproof plug depth and wetting depth can be adjusted. 
4.Automatic stripping twisted wire,twisted wire elastic adjustable adjustment. 
5.Automatically finished discharging,a special task of PU rubber clip wire clip,and effectively prevent the task of-line. 
6.Finished discharging can automatically distinguish between good and bad product, can reduce downtime. 
7.Terminal,with twisted wire,flux,wetting,wear waterproof plug all can function on the touch screen control,work or stop. 
8.This machine cutting line end wetting the longest 10 meters,the shortest stay glue 8 mm (you just need to replace the jig). 
9 Motorized active pay
off, a I,near function,circle line,the line,can radiate. 
As mentioned above,this machine is a kind of simple operation,stable quality high efficiency of fully automatic machine